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Cryptocurrency Uncovered

What's In the eBook?

"CryptoCurrency Uncovered” provides relevant information to get your head around the topic of cryptocurrencies. After reading this ebook, you will have a much broader understanding of cryptocurrencies, how they work and the risks associated with them.

We also take a look at the CryptoWorld, highlighting the main players and how they are positioning themselves in this new marketplace. Finally, we ask the question: how the wealth management industry is trying to tame this beast. Are cryptocurrencies being included in portfolios? How are these risks being managed? We have also gathered investor perspective to provide a full 360 picture. There is a multitude of new and exciting ways to invest your money today! 

Here at Planet of finance we keep track of the most relevant developments to signal them for you. We are the ultimate meeting place to discover, connect and learn about the latest topics relating to your financial wealth.


Topics covered in this eBook

Quickly understand the nuts and bolts of cryptocurrency. We take you through the basics and examine the reasons behind  the performance of Bitcoin.
Use our map of the CryptoWorld to quickly identify the key players in this growing industry, includes asset managers.
Want to invest in cryptocurrency? Read our interviews with the experts. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cryptocurrency
Chapter 4 Crypto & Wealth Management
Chapter 2 Cryptocurrency Explained
Chapter 5 Crypto Ecosystem
Chapter 3 Bitcoin: Superstar or scam?
Chapter 6 Interviews from the field

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What is a Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrencies have taken the finance world by storm. Everyone is talking about "Bitcoin Millionnaires" lucky early purchasers of the cryptocurrency who are now a lot richer than a few years ago without really understanding how or why. 

Whether it be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero or Litecointo name but a few, these "coins" resemble nothing like any kind of currency you are already familiar with. A cryptocurrency is virtual and operates in a virtual environment. It is a decentralized currency in that it is not backed by any government and it is not currently regulated.

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