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Impact Investing

Investing for good

What's In the eBook?

The potential scale for impact investing is impressive. In addition to the upcoming transfer of wealth from baby boomers to socially conscious millennials that will most likely lead to increased capital in this sector, investors can apply real business tools to solve societal and environmental problems. This leads to endless opportunities for creativity and innovation to drive growth where it is most needed.

As impact investing continues to grow and reach scale, we will most certainly see increased investor interest in this field. We wrote this guide to help potential investors get a clearer understanding of the sustainable investing landscape and to easily identify the main players and the different avenues to start investing in this asset class. We have also included exclusive interviews from leading organisations in this field.

There are a multitude of new and exciting ways to invest your money today. Here at Planet of finance we keep track of the most relevant developments to signal them for you. We are the largest marketplace dedicated to wealth management and our aim is to help you discover, connect and learn about the latest topics relating to your financial wealth.

Topics covered in this ebook  

Know the differences between Philanthropy, ESG & Impact Investing. Get access to exclusive interviews with leading organisations in the impact investing field. Get insights, tips & more...
Start building an impact investing strategy. Learn how other Family Offices & Foundations are incorporating impact in their investment strategy.
You do not need large amounts of money to start investing according to your values. We will show you how you can start small by using Ethical RoboAdvisors or Microfinance Platforms.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction to Impact Investing
Chapter 5 Key Players in Impact Investing
Chapter 2 Definition of Sustainable Investing
Chapter 6 Sustainable Investing Ecosystem
Chapter 3 Impact Investors
Chapter 7 Interviews from the field
Chapter 4 How to Invest?

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What is impact investing?

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A decade or so ago, following the financial crash that led to unprecedented demands for more accountability, transparency, and sustainability, the term "impact investing" was coined and the financial services industry found themselves focusing on a new collection of investment portfolios.

Nowadays, impact investing is just one part of what we call Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), together with Ethical Investing and ESG (Environmental, social and governance) Investing.

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