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Passion Investing

Investing in Rarity

What's In the eBook?

Most passion markets are opaque. Most sales are private. Price discovery is difficult. Mix all of that together with the money needed to invest in a true object of desire and mistakes can easily be made. 

Get a clearer understanding of what it is to invest in wine, classic cars, art & jewelry. 

The art investment market: Learn how HNWIs have allocated their wealth.
How do you invest in classic cars? Check out the two main ways to invest in cars. 
Discover the most investible brands and the top most important brand in wine investing.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction to Passion Investing
Chapter 5 Investing in watches
Chapter 2 Investing in wine
Chapter 6 The Passion Investing Ecosystem
Chapter 3 Investing in art
Chapter 7 Interviews from the field
Chapter 4 Investing in classic cars

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What does passion investing deliver that nothing else can? 


Passion investing, especially when done directly rather than through an investment fund, has a tangibility and intimacy that no other asset can match.

The things we’re often the most passionate are the things that, despite how good we are in other areas in our life, remain tantalizing beyond reach. Each passion investment has its own unique beauty and a very personal wonder for an investor which goes beyond dividends, stock charts, and financial reports. Some of it is about a return on investment – but a lot of it is about an appreciation of the diversity of human creativity and imagination.

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