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The RegTech Storm is Coming

What's In the eBook?

Regulatory Technology, more commonly known as "RegTech", comes in the wake of FinTech. The financial crisis of 2008, increased global terrorism and the resulting onslaught of financial regulations has somewhat forced RegTech into existence. As new technologies have emerged, the growth in resulting data has been phenomenal and regulators find themselves turning to RegTech to find solutions to collect, analyse and digest this data. 

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Topics covered in this ebook

We look at what is RegTech and how it is impacting wealth management.
We have compiled a global map of RegTech companies across 10 sub-sectors.
We look at how RegTech is looking to shake up client onboarding and take a closer look at Money-ID.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction to RegTech
Chapter 4 RegTech & Customers
Chapter 2 RegTech & Wealth Management
Chapter 5 RegTech Revolution Cartography
Chapter 3 Can AI Improve Client Onboarding?
Chapter 6 Money-ID: The Financial Passport

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What is RegTech? 


RegTech is the contraption of "Regulatory Technology" which has come to describe the group of companies that are using technology to address regulatory challenges in the financial services sector. The aim is to bring both operational and cost efficiencies to the processes currently in place to comply with financial regulations.

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