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The Rise of Robo-Advisors

What's In the eBook?

As wealth management industry accelerates its use of Artificial Intelligence, the instruments to manage your wealth will also experience radical change and, certainly, have you pondering questions such as: Can robo-advisors make us richer than human advisors? Who are the main players in wealth management robo-advisors and what do you need to know about them? Are robo-advisors a good fit for you?

"The Rise of the Robo-Advisors" provides relevant information to get your head around the topic of robo-advisors in general, and what they can mean for your investment experience, including exclusive interviews from the top robo-advisors in Europe.

There is a multitude of new and exciting ways to invest your money today. Here at Planet of finance we keep track of the most relevant developments to signal them for you. We are the ultimate meeting place to discover, connect and learn about the latest topics relating to your financial wealth.

Topics covered in this eBook

What exactly is a Robo-Advisor and how can you invest in them? We present the different features you can expect from a Robo-advisor, this includes our Top 45 global list.
Are Robo-Advisors right for you? Look at our Top 5 reasons why we think Robo-Advisors could be the right investment solution.
We spoke with the leading Robo-Advisors in Europe to give you their insights on their products, the market and their investors, includes Yomoni, WealthSimple, Easyvest and EtfMatic. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction to Robo-Advisors
Chapter 4 Reasons to Opt for a Robo-Advisor
Chapter 2 AI & Wealth Management
Chapter 5 Interviews from the field
Chapter 3 The Big Players in Robo-Advisors

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Are Robo-Advisors the future of Wealth Management? 


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and other new technologies are causing a disruption that is reverberating across our industries, societies, politics, economies and more.

Those who have prepared well for this sweeping evolution are learning to thrive under new challenges. The wealth management sector may have been slower than others in their response but the adoption of robo-advisors has seen a steady increase over the last few years.

The wealth management sector is watching closely and analyzing how AI can support or even improve upon their current services. As we speak, innovative FinTech companies are building niche wealth management software solutions. One of these solutions is non-human financial advisors or robo-advisors. Although still a very small segment of the market in terms of AUM, Robo-advisors are gathering momentum and a faithful following especially amongst investors that are tired of the "old ways" and are seeking a delightful online customer experience. 

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